Illustrating emotions


In February I shared some of the illustrations with you, which I have been doing to improve the facial expressions of the characters I draw. This month I am going deeper into this topic and am working on illustrating emotions. Especially between two or more people. I started with some mother daughter paintings and might extend this exercise to pets and their owners.

Art Prints, Commissions & Instagram 2019


Happy New Year, hopefully you had a fantastic start to the new year. I decided that I am not going to write a detailed recap of the old year or about New Year’s resolutions. One thing I can say is, that 2018 was all about trying things out, experimenting, learning and growing.

I found myself as an artist and know what path I will choose with my illustrations and in what direction my art will take me. Because of this I am currently working on my new portfolio and subsequently on updating my website.

My plan is to make more journal entries this year and to use social media in a different way that will suit my art work better. Before Christmas I found a wonderful text about “The Instagram Happiness Algorithm” by Tom Froese. His words resonated very much with me and I am inspired to make some positive changes. If you would like to have an insight in his art work and thoughts you can find him on Instagram @mrtomfroese.

Other news are, that besides offering commissions, I will also start selling original art work on my shop. I am still contemplating if I will continue to sell prints or if I should do this via Society6 only.

The illustration I am sharing with you today is called “Is it time to wake up yet?”. It will most likely be the last “cold season” illustration. During the festive season my art featured very strong colours, a lot of red and brown tones that I applied in a very opaqu way. However, now I am ready for brighter colours, more lightness and energy in my illustrations.

I would love if you would join me on my artsy journey this year. Have a nice day.