A Green Living Room


This piece was meant to be part of my portfolio update. In the end it turned out differently than expected and I decided to share it here rather than add it to my portfolio.

I decided to finish all illustrations in the future, even when there are painting mistakes or if I do not like it anymore all of a sudden. Every illustration is part of my development and I can learn from it. And sometimes a painting can change so much in the process, that it turns out fine in the end after all. This has happened several times already and is a welcome surprise.

Anyway, I wanted to share this illustration with you, so I can show you what my dream living room looks like. I love plants and cannot have enough of them. Also the colour combination is such a dream. And of course a velvet, orange couch.

Urban Growers

Recently we moved and our new space inspires me very much to have my own urban jungle.

Not only do I want to fill the place with lots of pretty plants that make the soul sing but I have also started our edible windowsill garden already.

At the moment we have spinach, chive, basil, mint and parsley. Next up will be lettuce, radish, tomatoes and beans. For the latter, used and cleaned yoghurt pots are an amazing environmentally friendly choice as they give you enough depth for their roots. We are lucky that the windowsill is fairly deep but it is still a good idea to plan vertically when growing your urban indoor farm. It is a joy to harvest your own herbs/vegetables and I can guarantee your attitude towards food will change automatically. No more dying parsley and radish at the bottom of the fridge, I promise.

I am also thinking about using homemade biodegradable pots and I found a lot of inspiration on this fabulous site “Grow Veg”. As someone who cannot imagine living without plants and whose dream it is (one day) to live in the middle of a forest I am always interested in learning about other plant people across the globe.

A while ago I found Byron Smith from Urban Growers on Instagram and I have been following him ever since. With his business he brings green spaces and edible gardens to the city. He is passionate about growing one’s own food and in doing so helping people create a new lifestyle and mindset.