Studio notes


I feel summer is stealthily sneaking away making space for autumn. It is quite chilly in the studio and to stay warm I am wearing my dark green woolen cape which I knitted many years ago. Even though it is quite old, it is still in great condition which shows that it is a good idea to invest in high quality, natural products. Momo, my cat, also agrees with this. She loves the smell of wool and it is one of her hobbies to deposit as much of her fur as possible onto my most precious knit pieces.

Today I am sharing one of my personal projects with you. I am creating a series of leave and dried plant watercolour illustrations in different sizes for our new place. The house has a long corridor and is perfect for a gallery wall.

As with every new project, this one brings change and growth into my illustration style. At the moment I am very inspired by nature, colours, simplicity and abstract shapes. My creativity is also influenced by long walks in the forest, where I feel most alive and happy.

If the new plant art is turning out as I imagine, I might make them available for products on my Society6 shop. Get ready for lots of green and earthy colours. You can follow my current projects also on Instagram.

Drawing and Painting


During the last few weeks I went back to basics with my art practice. I rarely touched my watercolours and concentrated on more realistic pencil sketches, rather than my usual “cuter” illustration style. My artwork lacked direction and practising linework, shading etc. really helped my drawing skills and gave me perspective.

This exercise went hand in hand with less activity on social media, so I could focus more on my sketches, try out different techniques and think about my creative path. And not all drawings have to be shared with the world.

At some point though I started to miss my colours and the interaction with the lovely people from Instagram. Now I am back at work with my beloved watercolours and more inspired than ever to create colourful paintings.

I found this exercise very helpful and can recommend to any artist to step away from their usual art practice for a while in order to regroup and grow.

Two of my favourite illustrations which I created last month are now available in my online shop. Sometimes it is hard to part with the original paintings and I hope they will find a lovely new home.