A Green Living Room


This piece was meant to be part of my portfolio update. In the end it turned out differently than expected and I decided to share it here rather than add it to my portfolio.

I decided to finish all illustrations in the future, even when there are painting mistakes or if I do not like it anymore all of a sudden. Every illustration is part of my development and I can learn from it. And sometimes a painting can change so much in the process, that it turns out fine in the end after all. This has happened several times already and is a welcome surprise.

Anyway, I wanted to share this illustration with you, so I can show you what my dream living room looks like. I love plants and cannot have enough of them. Also the colour combination is such a dream. And of course a velvet, orange couch.

Cats in coats


Yesterday I found Yuma, a very cute bengal cat, on Instagram. The weather was rather grey and the picture of her wearing a yellow raincoat brought a smile to my face.

This is the third raincoat I painted in one week and I start to think, that I am slowly getting obsessed. However I believe it has more to do with the use of very bright colours in combination with my usual palette than with the raincoat itself.

An additional influence is of course the book “On a magical do-nothing day” by Beatrice Alemagna, whose work I love very much. If you have not read it with your child (or by yourself), please do because it is absolutely entchanting.

I wish you a happy Saturday.