When your "why" changes


In the last couple of years most of my art work was watercolour based, but at university I preferred drawing to painting. Sketching has always been a way of communicating for me. I used to draw absolutely everything, my morning coffee, clothes, people, animals, houses and things that happened during the day.

At some point I fell in love with painting, mixing colours with textures and tried out different techniques. Somewhere along the way, when I started posting on Instagram, the “line work” disappeared and my art started to look “neater” and “cleaner”. Gone were the messy lines, the wrinkled and stained paper and the illustrations done without pre-sketching.

I love the illustrations that I created in the last few years, but I miss the spontaneity, the grit and the “energy” in my work. It is exactly this “but” that made me start to think about my “Why”. I am a big advocate of reflecting on my work which led me to introduce some changes to my creative process and strategy.

One of them is to go back to basics (graphite drawing, sketching), trying out new techniques and materials (fine liners, dip pens, ink). I am also making myself think less about how many “likes” an illustration gets on Instagram and to post more here on my website. The most significant change will probably be the new subject matter of my art work. This will not only affect the stories I am telling with my art but also my audience. I am expecting, and the results are already here, that there will be a shift in my followers on social media.

Creating is a journey and there are so many opportunities for growth.